• How to Choose a Cooler?
    The easiest way is use our web site 【How to Choose】, through Delta's cooling efficiency calculator, key in parameters, you can easily know which model suits your need or call our customer service.
  • Why Choose Delta?
    100% Inspection for Each Cooler
    1. Delta take Anti-Leakage Test with 30 kgs oil pressure for 5 mins which is greater than any other brands. Because oil temperature is higher than the water temperature, oil temp will evaporate cooling water if there is a leakage and this will cause great damages to system and equipment for long term using. So, Delta do the most stringent tests for customers.
    2. Delta has exclusive cooling efficiency test machines so we are able to check various specification coolers by ourselves to guarantee cooling efficiency as cooling efficiency depends on the number of coppers and cooling area. Never cut corners in our products is a promise to customers.
    3. Delta uses 99.96% purity copper which is with better heat efficiency than other low-purity copper.
  • What Is The Cautions?
    If you stop the heat exchanger in below freezing environment, please leak cooling water completely.
    For using in special environments, such as oil temperature of 80 degrees or above, please contact us.
  • What Is The Difference Between Inlet and Outlet? Where Are They?
    The inlet is at bottom side which is to make sure that cooling water is full and flowed even if hydraulic pressure is low.
    It's easy to distinguish inlet and outlet from the mark on top of lid in every cooler.
  • Color of Hydraulic Oil has Changed. Is It Caused by Water Leaking? How to confirm?
    It is not certainly because of water leaking. According to our experience, it may cause by oil quality, improper installation, or condensation of water dropping into oil tank...etc objective factors.

    Here with 2 simple tests:
    1. Check oil tube: Remove oil tube and fill it with oil then wipe the edge of tube. After that, keep cooler working 1-2 hours continuously. If oil doesn't flow from edge of tube that means cooler is no problem.
    2. Check water tube: Close water inlet first, then remove both sides covers. Then blow the water inside of copper with compressed air. And wipe wipe the edges of water tub with a dry cloth. After that, keep cooler working 1-2 hrs continuously. If oil doesn't flow from edge of water tube that means cooler is no problem.
  • How to maintain heat exchanger?
    1. Generally Care:Remove lime scale every 4-6 months to keep best cooling efficiency. It also depends on the purity of the cooling water.
    2. Care Process:Add duct detergents in cooling water or soak cooler in detergents solution.