What is oil cooler?

Oil coolers also known as hydraulic oil coolers, heat exchangers
which is commonly used in hydraulic and lubrication systems to reduce the oil temperature.
It is an important components to make the system working stably.

Which cooling effect is better, water cooler or air cooler?

Cooling by water or air?

Which cooling effect is better?
When direct contact, water oil cooler always gets better cooling. This is the laws of physics.
For example, when someone get burned, doctor will suggest to flush skin with water, but not blowing it by fan.

Which one get more stable temperature?
Water cooler is not affected by changes of room temperature so it’s more stable.

Delta Cooler only sells water oil cooler (shell and tube heat exchanger)
which is stable and excellent in cooling effect, suitable for long-time operational industrial equipments.

Why choose Delta?

Delta uses 99.96% purity copper.
Compare with other brand, we use more quantity copper pipes in the same volume,
hence our coolers have better heat efficiency than other competitors.

It is welcome to open our cooler and compare with other brand.